MBX Guy 山地车

BMX got popular in the early 1970s when children began racing their bicycles on dirt tracks inspired by the motocross stars of the time.
Children were racing standard road bikes off-road, around purpose-built tracks in the road.
That is exactly what you can expected in this wonderful, easy, brain relax game “BMX Guy”.
Two buttons, speed and jump will perform various tricks in the air and landing safely.
What you need is to jump over the obstacles on the road and get the scores as many as you can.
Remember without accelerate the bike, you can’t jump over the obstacle, same as in your real life BMX.
On each level there is several check points, if you fail, you can start from there.
You can using your coins that collected to buy the check point or buy the locked level.
Two different package, each with 15 cool and addictive levels.
Let’s see who can pass all the 30 levels first. Super fun game is waiting for you to challenge.

Super Aquarium 超级水族馆

The most realistic fish aquarium live wallpaper for android!

My Fish Aquarium is the most realistic live wallpaper simulating fish swimming by using the advanced android render script technology as well as opengl.
There are five beautiful aquarium background to choose from and a total of 12 fish type.
How to build and customize your unique fish aquarium?
From the setting screen, you can:
1) Select aquarium background
2) Configure fish type
3) Add or remove fish
4) Enable or disable sunshine
5) Enable or disable how bubble show up
6) Add more grass to the aquarium

Key Features:
1: When fish swim in the aquarium, more random speed, direction, target position to feel likes it is a real aquarium.
2: Not only the fish move, but also the gills and tail swing randomly like a real fish.
3: Tap fish, fish will run away quickly.
4: Double tap screen will feed the fish with different kind of food.
5: Fish can swim in a group way.
6: Grass is also oscillate in the aquarium to make our screen a fantastic unique.

Archery 射箭

Brain relax super simple shot game mini archery bringing you happiness for a moment.
You are so tired after whole days hard work or study, now it is your leisure time and you don’t want use your brains thinking hard to play a game.
Now here comes this game archery. The rule is very simple, using the arrow shot the target!
You may notice there is a jump rabbit on the background, don’t shoot the rabbit, this game is not for that reason.
You will get different score based on where your arrow located on the target.
If you get score 9 or 10, you will be award an arrow. Initially you have only 3 arrows.
There are total 16 stage and it will cost you 5 arrows to pass each stage therefore in each stage you must earn enough arrow in order to pass this stage.
Oh Oh, did I mention that the stage will get harder and harder to pass since there will be plenty of unexpected obstacle coming.
The game is designed that only 1% of player can pass all 16 stages.
Are you one of them? Let’s see! Goog Luck!

Thunder Storm 暴风雪

A very good android live wallpaper using the gdx render services to simulate the thunder storm in your android phone.
You can control the Thunder Frequency and the Rain Drop Level.
The amazing thing is that when you touch the screen, the thunder storm will show up.
Please try it and make your android a raining day with thunder storm.

Mr.Rider 疯狂赛车

Enjoy the unlimited motorcycle bike racing fun. It’s a fast-paced speed moto racing with good controls.
You can increase your dirt and drag racing experience level by racing for long time and scoring high.
You need coins to unlock the other bikes. Technology: Accelerometer
Cool UI; Infinite Racing Gameplay; Obstacles – Car, RoadBlock, Trucks; Background Music and Sounds

Mr.Shooter 射击先生

Mr. Shooter, presented as a one-man army, has a duty to defend his home country to kill the entry enemy.
You definitely need to shoot the enemies like a hell, reach maximum distance without loosing your life, take maximum power ups on your way ,it will help you reach maximum distance.
Exceptional Contra Style game makes you Thrilling. The high quality graphics are impressive, containing smooth animations and outstanding effects.
One of the main feature of this game is when the Mr.Shooter reaches every 1000 meter there is a BIG Difficult Boss Fight, you need to Destroy the Boss to move further.
Mr.Shooter controls are very easy, shoot in 8 direction, jump, and run, fantastic control style.
Mind Real Blowing Audio Effects; Excellent HD Graphics; Endless Run and Shooting Game; Lots of upgrades free if login daily.

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Cat Catch Rat 猫捉老鼠

This is a very interesting android phone games of physical simulation.
Rules of the game is very simple: let the cat beating left or right, and ultimately catch the magic rotating rat.
Control of the game: the left and right sides of the game screen to control the beating villain trajectory (speed, direction, distance).
This is a specifically for office workers, students family, white-collar family of ultra-compact design of the game.
You can come to play at anytime, anywhere, whenever you have a few minutes.
There is no limit of time and the number of failed on unlimited start over.
A total of five well designed packages. Each package has 21 levels. Different levels have completely different design elements and props.
Of course, the difficulty is not the same.
You have to know how to predict the properties of objects bounce its landing point, it is quite challenging sometimes.
You will find that you unknowingly in love with this tiny fine game.

XRace Beta 赛车

XRace is a car racing game which you can play in a single mode or play again online users. It is still in Beta Testing.
Now you can run on most of Android Device without keyboard.
Tested on Samsung Note II. Runs perfect. Multiple mode can run also.
We know there are lots of issues on this beta version.
PLEASE DON’T RATE !!! However you can email your comments.